Setting Health and Fitness Goals For You

We all have the ability to make major improvements to our health and fitness but there is one thing that stops more people than anything else. It is not our genetics or the access we have to the best fitness equipment or training facilities.The thing that stops most people from getting a good physique and optimum health is when they don’t set goals. Setting goals is a fast track to success and it is the only way that you will stick to a plan and follow through to completion.By having a predetermined plan of action before we start a training program and knowing exactly what we want to get out of the program we will have a goal to aim for. With this goal in mind we can track our progress and watch as we build towards that goal.Along the way we will often change our expectations and this is a good thing, as progress gives us a different perspective on what we can achieve as we improve and gain in confidence. By writing these goals down they become a lot more powerful and we can refer back to these written words to enforce our path.Fitness training requires planning to get the most benefit, and planning can only begin when goals have been determined. So the first step of any fitness program must be setting goals no matter how small they might be and then challenge your self on a daily basis to meet and surpass those goals.One thing that we all need to be careful of when setting our goals is to be realistic and take into account the time we have to devote to the plan and the resources we have available to implement the plan. To set unrealistic goals will only hinder our performance and result in disappointment.

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