Hong Kong’s Airport and Hotels

This city is an extremely accessible destination for holiday as it has a large, efficient airport and is connected to all the major airlines, and there are no lacks of low cost, budget airlines as well.Hong Kong, for me, is a tremendously exciting and fine place for holiday. I still wished I am in Hong Kong, enjoying the food, views, Disneyland, and shopping. There’s always something to do in each of the 4 days I was there. I enjoyed excellent views and great attractions, not mentioning menus that left me spoiled for choice. The shopping was fantastic and I shopped till blisters formed from carrying too heavy a shopping bag.Starting from air tickets, departing from Singapore, an average air ticket to Hong Kong is in the range of S$360 (excluding taxes and other surcharges). However, if Jetstar (budget airline) is having their occasional promotional campaign offering 2 tickets for the price of 1, then each ticket will set you back only S$128 (S$240 if you include taxes and other surcharges). That is, if you don’t mind budget flights. Dragonair is another relatively cheap source of air tickets, if you are not planning to fly by major airlines like Cathay Pacific.I took an early flight and arrived at Hong Kong at around 10.30am in the morning. The experience was a slightly different one from other airports as there’s no connecting passage way from the plane to the arrival customs (for my plane). We had to transfer to a bus to take us to the arrival hall. By a little stroke of luck, I was standing near the door of the bus, and so was the first to alight and made my way to the counters. But unfortunately, there was a long queue and that resulted in me standing for two hours before I cleared the customs. The two hours of standing and waiting was killing.Straight from the customs, I proceeded to the mass transit system (HK’s subway system), which they call the MTR, and boarded the express train to the city. The train ride to Kowloon was impressive, in particular the cleanliness of the train and seats. The MTR station itself is a very short walk straight ahead from the arrival hall and the train ride took just under 20mins to reach Kowloon.Before I left for Hong Kong, I chatted with my colleague on her impressions of the country, and she said matter of factly that all she remembered of Hong Kong was that the hotel room was crammed and small. This just re-confirmed what I had been reading on the Internet about hotel rooms in Hong Kong being small and squeezed. So I was very cautious making reservations, taking time to choose a hotel that offers a bigger room size.After much reading on the miserable small rooms in Hong Kong, I booked an executive room at Eaton hotel, which is supposed to be much larger than most rooms at around 30sqm. Part of the privileges of the executive room is the access to the club lounge, where one can enjoy free coffee, tea and snacks all day, free cocktails in the evening, free Internet access, flat screen TVs, a small library of books, newspapers, and very cozy sofas. The club lounge is really comfortable, and allowed me to rest my feet and body well after a day’s shopping.Upon check-in, the room size is quite acceptable, which is about the same size as a standard room in Singapore. But the service of the hotel is up to the mark and first rate. They provided excellent service with a smile for the four days I was there.Taking to the streets, I have long heard about Hong Kong’s extremely efficient transport system, and there is the tourist pass which has stored in it 3 days of unlimited MTR access. This is good value for money and recommended for tourists visiting the country, especially if your hotel is near the MTR stations and you will be using the system often for moving about.The MTR system links the mainland (Kowloon) to HK Island and Lantau Island (where the airport is). The signs are easy to follow and traveling from one place to another takes minimum effort to figure out.All in all, the air and land transport system is excellent in this place they call Pearl of the Orient, and they have an extensive range of hotels for everyone with different budgets to choose from.

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