10 Video Marketing Tips That Won’t Cost You A Penny

Videos are a great way to increase online engagement and speed up brand awareness. Don’t hide your videos by producing without promoting. Any way that you can encourage people to find your video, is a step in the right direction. And it doesn’t have to cost you any money.

1. Embed Them In Your Blog

It might sound obvious, but even though you’re uploading videos to YouTube, you should still write a blog post and intro to the video and embed it into your blog. Remember to include in the title that a video is included, and include a good description.

2. Use A Good File Name

When you save the video on your computer and then upload it, give the video a name that is relevant to the content on the video. This file name will be indexed when the video is shared online.

3. Add a Keyword-Rich Title

The title of your video should also include some keywords that help search engines find it. A keyword-rich title is the best thing you can do for every blog post, video or not.

4. Description

Don’t forget to include a description of your video when you upload it. It’s important to use the space you have to its full potential to include a link to your website and any products you are promoting.

5. Use A URL That Makes Sense

In some cases your URL is your title, but sometimes you might want to shorten it. If you do that make sure that it makes sense to the content of the video.

6. Share Your Videos

Sites like YouTube, Flickr.com, Vimeo.com and others allow you to share all your videos. The more eyes on your video, the better. Don’t disable the ability for people who like your video to embed it into their own blog or website. This will give you more exposure.

7. Cross-Link To Other Videos

When you write any blog post that is relevant, you can add the link to the video at the bottom as other information that your audience might want to see.

8. Ask People to Share It for You

In every video you create, ask people to like it, share it, and tell others about it. The more you ask, the more likely it is to be shared.

9. Keep Comments Open

Always let people make comments on your videos. Yes, in some cases you’ll get spam, and from time to time people will be mean or disagree, but that’s part of the process. How you respond will make a huge difference in how you’re perceived.

10. Repurpose Videos

You can cut up longer videos into shorter quick videos to share with your audience, and even turn videos into blog posts, or transcribe the videos, add to them and turn them into an eBook or report

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